Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viva la Commonspace! Mission Statement

Commonspace is an organic space for experimental projects in the arts. As a non-profit gallery our common project is to promote community building by cultivating an ongoing dialog about the arts with individuals from different economic, political and cultural backgrounds. Invitations to exhibit at Commonspace are offered on a rotating basis to those individuals or collectives engaged in producing critical interventions in the field of contemporary art. Accepting the opportunity to exhibit at Commonspace is only for individuals or groups who openly welcome questions about the context of their work, the general trajectory of their overture and the goals of their artistic practice. As such, Commonspace doesn’t favor any particular medium or set of aesthetic criteria all types of participation are encouraged from the most immaterial actions to every possible form of object-based production.

Rather than promote a set program of artists the goal of Commonspace is to support a variety of projects in the arts that actively challenge the dominant conventions of representation today. Petitioning to exhibit at Commonspace means (1) being able to produce a focused proposal with a generative goal, (2) working with our staff and partners to build energy around your specific event and (3) delivering a project with a committed perspective in a timely manner. Connect with the directors of Commonspace at our openings and follow upcoming events by getting on our e-mail list (lacommonspace@gmail), subscribing to our blog (Vivalacommonspace.blogspot.com), visiting our facebook page (Viva la Commonspace!) and linking up with our twitter account (Viva la Commonspace@Commonspace_LA). 

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